Combi orthotics / insoles


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Unfortunately sizes 6-7 are currently unavailable.

Combi orthotics / insoles

It's time to give your feet a treat!

Our Combi orthotics / insoles have everything you need for your feet - in one simple design! Anatomically shaped foot supports / insoles that feature a metatarsal pad, an arch support and all over cushioning. Currently up to Size 12 only. P&P £3.95.

Combi orthotics - everything you need for your feet!These latex orthotics / insoles, moulded on both sides, have been designed for all sufferers including people with arthritis and diabetes. These orthotic insoles are highly comfortable because they are flexible, absorb shocks and don't lose their thickness, even after a long time.

These truly remarkable orthotics / insoles are designed to give maximum foot support and comfort.

Thanks to their elasticity they cushion all impacts.

Covered in soft, genuine leather.

Hypo-allergic and anti-bacterial.

Sizes up to Mens' size 12 (except 6-7) available. Unfortunately sizes 6-7 are currently unavailable.

Leather covering may vary in colour depending on size.

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