Deluxe Diamond Orthotic Full length


Full length Deluxe Diamond Orthotic £49.95.

A firm based full length insole. Sizes UK 3 - 12.

Ideal for most ladies and mens shoes and boots / work/ leisure/casual.

Podiatrist designed and approved incorporating a built in metatarsal dome to reduce pressure on the centre of the metatarsal area. An ergonomically designed arch support to treat Plantar Fasciitis (fallen arches) and help re-align the pronating foot at the same time giving excellent support. Also incorporating a heel spur pad providing super shock absorption.

Covered in natural high quality perforated soft calf leather on firm base. Peel off adhesive on heel to hold in correct position.

Metatarsal pad, natural latex with active odour inhibiting carbon, heel pad insert.

A cost effective solution that improves body posture and prevents pain in heels, knees, legs and back.

The foot is an amazing support mechanism for the entire body. However, when over pronation or fallen arches happen the system fails. This will result in pain in almost every part of the body.

Available up to UK size 12

Sizes UK 3 – 12

£49.95 + p&p £3.95

  • Model: 2000

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