Ultimate Performance Sports Orthotic Full Length


Full Length Ultimate Performance Sports Orthotic £49.95

Extra large and extra small sizes available, UK size 2 - 14

Designed and approved  by Podiatrists and Professional athletes
incorporating a built in metatarsal dome immediately behind
the metatarsal heads to reduce pressure on the centre of the
metatarsal area, and additional cushioning across all of the five
metatarsal heads for sheer luxury and comfort.
An ergonomically designed arch support to treat Plantar Fasciitis (fallen arches)
which is both firm but flexible and will help to re-align the pronating foot at the
same time giving excellent support.
Firm heel cup to cradle the foot in the correct position.

Also incorporating a heel spur pad providing super shock absorption.

This is a performance orthotic designed as a replacement insole ideal for all types of sports and leisure footwear and trainers to support the running and walking foot.

Our sports orthotics is tailored to pressure measurements taken from footscan technology to correct an abnormal or irregular biomechanical walking pattern. They will improve posture and provide a comfortable and efficient running or walking surface.

These orthotics are revolutionary and come with a 30 day money back guarantee they are the best selling sports orthotic on the market.

Covered in soft Coolmax Velour Fresh which can be hand washed, below 30 degrees, hang to dry.

Extra large and extra small sizes available from UK size 2 - 14

Sizes UK 2 – 14

£49.95 + p&p £3.95

Please note that the picture of this
product doesn’t do it justice and it
is not possible to see all the features.

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