Slimline Orthotic ¾ length


¾ length Slimline Orthotic £39.95

Sizes UK: 0 - 14

A strong discreet supportive ¾ length slimline insole.      

Podiatrist designed and approved.

Covered in soft calf leather. Peel off adhesive on heel to hold in correct position.

Ideal for close fitting and dress shoes will fit into most types of women’s  and men’s fashion shoes, court shoes, sandals, smart dress shoes etc. etc.

A cost effective solution that improves body posture and prevents pain in heels, knees, legs and back.

An excellent treatment for Plantar Fasciitis (Fallen Arches) they will support and help re-align the pronating foot.

The foot is an amazing support mechanism for the entire body. However, when over pronation or fallen arches happen the system fails. This will result in pain in almost every part of the body.

£39.95 + p&p £3.95

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