Metatarsal bar

Metatarsal bar

The Metatarsal Bar, or Met Bar, can relieve your foot pain instantly!

Its unique design cushions and supports the entire metatarsal area, i.e. the width across the ball joint, to make walking easier and pleasurable once again. 

Ideal for treating metatarsalgia - a common foot disorder that causes pain in the metatarsal area. Often the pain is due to excessive pressure over a long period of time and isn't helped by ill-fitting footwear.

The Met Bar also helps treat "Burning feet" - a common complaint that often has no physical signs (although there may be some redness and swelling present). Diabetics are often affected with burning feet due to neuropathy (impaired nerves) and could benefit greatly from using the Met Bar.

Ideal for trainers and all roomy shoes.

Like walking on air!

Easy to fix with adhesive peel-off backing.

Fitting instructions included.

Made from CARBOSAN anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help reduce foot odour.


Metatarsal Pain can come from metatarsal injuries which are amongst the most common foot injuries that occur.

A Metatarsal Bar is a simple way of getting your foot into the proper alignment when standing, walking or running. This can mean you don’t have to experience ongoing foot pain anymore. A Metatarsal Bar takes the weight off the metatarsal bones which relieves the pain instantly.

 A Metatarsal Bar is a small, unobtrusive device that can be fitted to almost any shoes. Once the Metatarsal Bar is in the shoe your feet are put back into the natural position that is conductive to bearing weight without causing pain.

The typical symptoms of Metatarsal pain are inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot, the metatarsal bone is found at the front of the foot, slightly below the toes. And even though metatarsal pain in itself is not necessarily a critical condition, and will get better if you rest your foot and stop running on it. It is a bigger problem if you are in a physical occupation, or you are a keen runner.

Metatarsal pain is very common amongst sportsman and runners particularly, because it is an injury of the ball of the foot just below the toes. The metatarsal bones are long bones which are in between the phalanges and tarsal bones, which there are five in each foot.  These are basically carrying out two specific functions. The first of these is to act as a propulsion mechanism to push off from, the second is as a pivot mechanism that allows your body to stay in balance and support your entire body.

The feet are not typically something that most of us give any thought too, until something goes wrong, and we develop metatarsal pain or other types of chronic foot pain. 

Metatarsal pain is in the ball of the foot, and is very important for most athletic and physical activities because it is the part of the foot that we typically use to swivel and move around on.

Metatarsal injuries are quite a common injury especially for runners, as there is a constant pounding and runners are putting constant stress on their feet.

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