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Custom orthotics by the Professionals in London

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Custom Orthotics For a Pain Free Lifestyle

Back, knee, hip or foot pain? Let us help you…

For over 50 years our qualified technicians have been producing custom orthotics including insoles, foot, arch, heel and metatarsal supports. We continue to serve our customers online and those who visit us at our shop in London, near Harley Street, from all parts of the world.

Handmade Children's Orthotics in London
Adult Orthotics

Adult Custom Orthotics

Foot supports that control the way your foot functions, custom made for your specific foot problem
Adult Orthotics
Bespoke Children's Orthotics in London
Children's Orthotics

Children's Custom Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics for effective treatment for children with foot problems without stopping the fun.
Children's Orthotics

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Some of our custom orthotics

Custom-made Orthotics

All custom orthotics (foot supports) are hand made to suit your foot particular problem and relieve foot pain. It is vital that orthotics (foot supports) are chosen in consultation with our foot care specialists, who evaluate requirements based on and in conjunction with your personal needs (the shoes you wear, how much walking you do etc.).

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How do orthotics work

Be pain free with custom-made orthotics in London
  • Realigns the gait
  • Modifies or corrects skeletal system
  • Reducing the traction forces on the ligaments
How do orthotics work?
  • Taking away back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • Prevents orthopaedic deformities from progressing

Beware of inferior orthotics

Beware of inferior orthotics that if improperly prescribed can do more damage and can even cause serious injury. If you feel your current orthotics are not working for you and you are still in pain please bring them along and our qualified technicians will assess them for you.

Custom Orthotics by the Professionals

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