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Reduce or eliminate your foot pain

We take 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day. No wonder our feet hurt! At Orthotics Online our aim is to reduce or eliminate your foot pains. We have been crafting custom made orthotics for over 45 years. We use both advanced and traditional materials to produce the most appropriate orthotic, custom made for your specific foot problem. Orthotics Online are here to help take the pain out of your stride!

Our feet weren’t meant for this!

Our feet were originally designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like sand and earth. Today we walk on hard, unnatural surfaces like pavement and floor. This can lead to poor alignment of the feet causing damage to other parts of the body and leading to knee pain, lower back pain, flat feet, ball of foot pain, corns and calluses to name the most common.

Orthotics – foot supporting insoles that restore the balance

Often the simplest solutions are the most effective and in most of these cases the simplest solution is the use of orthotics, which are special foot supporting insoles designed to correct the balance.

We strongly believe that off-the-shelf orthotics are a false economy, therefore we custom make all our orthotics on the premises to accommodate the individuality of you and your feet.

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Orthotics by the Professionals

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