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Custom Made Orthotics for Foot Problems

Do you suffer from Back, Hip, Knee Or Foot Pain?

Then we can help YOU…

Custom Made Orthotics (foot supports) Can:

  • Improve Mobility
  • Relieve Back & Knee Tension
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Improve Walking Technique
  • Help Minimize Spinal Pain
  • Pressure Plate scan of your feet
  • Bespoke Orthotics

The term bunion refers to a swelling on the side of the big toe joint, a condition which occurs when the big toe leans too much into the second toe. The medical term is Hallus Valgus.

Painful areas caused by foot issues
Foot related problems
Pain in the sole of my foot

Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis?

Biomechanical foot disorders, which can lead to pain relief.

Orthotics can prevent your bunion from getting worse. Our Custom made Orthotics are handmade to suit your particular foot problem.

Painful sole of the foot
Painful Heel
Anatomy of the foot
Painful bunion

Plantar fasciitis (more commonly called Heel pain) is commonly traced to an inflammation of the base of the foot. People with vary flat feet or very high arches are also more prone to plantar fasciitis. If you don’t treat plantar fasciitis, it may become achronic condition. Because plantar fasciitis changes the way you walk, you may develop symptoms of foot, knee, hip and back problems.

Pain is the main symptom of Plantar fasciitis. This pain can be anywhere on the underside of the heel. Commonly, one spot is found as the main source of pain. This is often about 4 cms forward from the heel, and may be tender to touch.

Do You Suffer From Arch Or Back Pain?

Did you know?

Orthotics can relieve your foot pain instantly!

Back pain can be due to foot related problems such as pronation of the feet.

Painful feet caused by foot problems
Painful spine caused by foot problems

Orthotics by the Professionals

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