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Things You Should Know About Foot Problems

Foot pain – you are not alone!

If you suffer from painful feet you are far from being alone. Many people suffer from painful feet, but most wait until the foot pain, whether arch, heel or metatarsal pain, becomes unbearable before confronting the problem.

There are multiple ailments that could be at the root of these problems, and it is essential to diagnose the foot problems correctly. Then the right individual solution be found; be it orthopaedic footwear or a simple orthotic device. We can advise you on the best course of action for your individual needs to relieve foot pain.

Problems areas on the foot

Why do foot problems start?

The foot possesses an amazing support mechanism. However, the low arch, pronating foot is simply unable to support itself as this system fails. As force reaches its peak on the ball of the foot the heel lifts, the arch collapses and all supporting muscles and ligaments become susceptible to injury. Our feet support our whole body weight so when things go wrong this can cause problems elsewhere in the body. At the same time, changes in body posture can lead to problems in the feet.

Orthotic insoles can correct pronation problems

Insoles correct foot posture and restore the heel to its natural position and relieve foot pain. At the same time the arch is supported and the foot is in a more stable position. Once the foot is corrected in this way the legs are no longer twisted and the knee, hip and lower back are returned to a normal position. Muscles and joints work more efficiently and painful symptoms are resolved.

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