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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are Orthotics (foot supports)?

Orthotics (foot supports) are specially designed shoe inserts, which help to restore the natural position of your foot. The type of orthotic (foot support) we need depends on the type of foot we have, how the foot is changing position and what shoes we wear. By careful selection and design of the correct orthotic (foot support) the foot is able to return to its natural position and function. This will prevent damaging changes in other joints, muscles and ligaments, and reduce foot pain.

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2. Is an Orthotic (foot support) just another insole?

No, because insoles are designed to provide a cushioning effect and shock absorption. They may feel comfortable at first but they do not get to the root of the biomechanical cause of the pain or ailment. Orthotics (foot supports), on the other hand, are designed to change and optimise your foot function.

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3. Do I need Orthotics (foot supports)?

Many foot symptoms ranging from general aches to painful bone and foot problems such as heel pains, bunions, callouses and hammer toes, are caused by collapsed and fallen arches. Foot orthotics (foot supports) help realign the joints within the foot in order to relieve the various symptoms. Orthotic insoles (foot supports) may also be used as an alternative to surgery, or after surgery to help maintain proper foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment.

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4. What kinds of Orthotics (foot supports) are available?

Various kinds of orthotic insoles (foot supports) are available depending upon your needs of your lifestyle and your feet. The most common type of orthotic insole (foot support) is the rigid orthopaedic foot support device made for everyday shoes. There are other types of orthotics (foot supports) for high heeled shoes and soft, more flexible specialized orthotics to support pressure areas like heel spur to relieve foot pain.

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5. Will Orthotics (foot supports) help my foot problems?

Orthotic insoles (foot supports) are helpful for many ailments of the foot; however they are not a complete cure. Orthotic (foot support) devices cannot reverse damage already occurred; they can however reduce the severity of the symptoms and relieve much of the pain caused by the problems you experience. In some cases symptoms can be eliminated.

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6. Do I wear Orthotics (foot supports) all day?

Orthotic insoles, like glasses, work only when you use them. Orthotics (foot supports) do not change the structure of a foot, but help realign its joints to improve posture and function and relieve foot pain.All day use of your orthotic insoles (foot supports) is generally recommended to control or reduce pain or fatigue.

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7. How are Orthotic insoles (foot supports) made?

It takes seven steps to produce a custom made orthotic insole (foot support). All our orthotic insoles (foot supports) are made at our on-site Central London laboratory. Click here to watch us make custom orthotics.

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