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Custom Orthotics For a Pain Free Lifestyle


  • Recover orthotics
  • Repair orthopaedic footwear

We sell ready made orthotics. Please visit https://www.orthotics-online.co.uk/store/

For any queries please email info@specialfootwear.co.uk

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Heel lifts / shoe lifts (1cm):

Walk tall and walk proud!

Our innovative design allows you to walk straight and walk tall.

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¾ length Slimline Orthotic £24.95

Sizes UK: 0 – 14

A strong discreet supportive ¾ length slimline insole. Podiatrist designed and approved.

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Podiatrist designed and approved. Heel spur pad provides super shock absorption.

An ergonomically designed arch support.

Available up to UK size 12

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Heel Lifts

All custom orthotics are handmade to suit your particular foot problem and relieve foot pain.
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Ready Made Footcare Products

Ready made orthotics and foot care products to help relieve foot pain. Buy online for delivery worldwide.
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Back, knee, hip or foot pain? Let us help you…

For over 50 years our qualified technicians have been producing custom orthotics including insoles, foot, arch, heel and metatarsal supports.

Reasonably priced – Call us first to discuss your needs!

  • Thorough personal consultation – FREE
  • Gait analysis – FREE
  • Posture analysis – FREE
  • Follow up and adjustments – FREE
  • You might be VAT exempt. Please ask – every bit helps in these tough times!

Custom orthotics by the Professionals in London

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Over 50 Years Experience in Orthotics

Bespoke orthotics custom made in house

Located in London’s medical district

Satisfaction Money back guarantee

Instore Consultation

Friendly, personal service

Some of our custom orthotics

Custom-made Orthotics

All custom orthotics (foot supports) are hand made to suit your foot particular problem and relieve foot pain. It is vital that orthotics (foot supports) are chosen in consultation with our foot care specialists, who evaluate requirements based on and in conjunction with your personal needs (the shoes you wear, how much walking you do etc.).

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We will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs. Book an Orthotics assessments. Call 020 7486 4664 to make an appointment.

How do orthotics work

Be pain free with custom-made orthotics in London
  • Realigns the gait
  • Modifies or corrects skeletal system
  • Reducing the traction forces on the ligaments
How do orthotics work?
  • Taking away back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • Prevents orthopaedic deformities from progressing

Custom Orthotics by the Professionals

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