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How Custom Orthotics Are Made

The stages of custom orthotics (foot support) development:

Foot Assessment

1. Assessment

A biomechanical examination helps assess the problem. This may include motion analysis, muscle strength testing.

Foot Measurement

2. Measurement

A measurement of your foot is then taken so that we can create a cast of your foot. Making the orthotic tailored to you.

Make foot impression

3. Impression

An impression of your foot is then taken, so that an accurate mould can be made of your foot.

Make Foot Cast

4. Make cast

Plaster is then poured into the impression of your foot to create a cast.

Correct Foot Cast

5. Correct cast

Detailed modifications are made to the cast to ensure a proper fit.

Hand Crafted Orthotics

6. Hand-craft Orthotic

The orthotic is hand crafted by skilled technicians for the perfect fit.

Pain or Pleasure - Custom-made Orthotics

7. Fit Orthotic (foot support)

A custom made finished orthotic (foot support).

Orthotics (foot supports) Manufacturing Time

3 - 5 working days

24 Hour Express Service

No Extra Cost, if required urgently

1 working day

re-covering service

Orthotics by the Professionals

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